Betty Timko, a noted restaurateur in Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan developed her signature Betty’s Salad and Betty’s Dressing over 50 years ago. In 1982, Timko Enterprises, Inc. began producing Betty’s Salad Dressing for retail sales in supermarkets and food service companies. Pick up your Betty’s Dressing from these select stores in the refrigerated produce section.

1955 - 1962
Began Catering
Betty Timko Catering

Betty started her career in the food service industry in high school where she worked as a waitress and helped her mother in the kitchen of Islay Dairy Store in Tiffin, Ohio. Beginning 1955 to 1962 she served as a Church Hostess at Collingwood United Methodist Church in Toledo, Ohio where she was a member. In 1956, Betty won the Mrs. Toledo title in the Mrs. America Contest sponsored by the Young Matrons of the Y.W.C.A. After this award, she began catering in the homes and churches of different organizations, special people and events.

Betty’s Salad was born
Betty’s Salad was born

In 1962, Betty became the Club Manager of Highland Meadows Golf Club in Sylvania, Ohio. It was while working here Betty created the famous spinach salad that has become widely known as "Betty's Salad."

Food and Beverage Director
Timko's Soup n Such

Betty Timko, a noted restaurateur in Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan, is affiliated with the Holiday Inn restaurant entities and several free-standing restaurants. In 1967, when she joined Holiday Inn-Toledo-Perrysburg (now called the “French Quarter”) as a partner of Motor Inn of Perrysburg, Inc, she managed The Wooden Indian Restaurant and served as Food and Beverage Director for the company through 1976.

1971 - 1974
Restaurant Manager of the Year
Betty Timko Award Banquet

During her career, Betty received various top-honor awards. In 1971, she was named “Restaurant Manager of the Year” for all the Holiday Inns International System with approximately 1,300 Inns participating. She won the award again in 1973. In 1974, she was chosen as one of the Top Ten Managers for the Holiday Inn International System.

Formed Timko’s Restaurant’s Inc.
Timko's Soup n Such

In 1975, Betty formed Timko’s Restaurants, Inc, and opened the first Timko’s Soup’n Such in Toledo, Ohio.

Food and Beverage Consultant
Betty Timko Award Banquet

In 1977 Betty became Food and Beverage Consultant for Timko’s Soup’n Such in Toledo, Ohio as well as its other locations. Operation of this restaurant and its concepts were expanded to three locations.

Opened second Timko’s Soup and Such
Timko's Soup n Such

During 1979, the restaurant located within the Holiday Inn in Perrysburg, Ohio off I-75 was converted to the second Timko’s Soup’n Such operation. It included a soup-and-salad bar with about ten entrees plus sandwiches.

Won NWORA President’s Award
Betty Timko Restaurant Award

In her association with the Northwestern Ohio Restaurant Association, Betty received the “President’s Award” in 1980.

Won Award of Appreciation
Betty Timko Betty's Salad

In 1981, Betty received an "Award of Appreciation for Outstanding Service" from the Northwest Ohio Restaurant Association.

Formed Timko’s Enterprises Inc.
Timko's Soup n Such

In 1982, Betty formed Timko’s Enterprises, Inc. to produce Betty’s Salad Dressing for retail sale in supermarkets and food service companies including Kroger, Food Town, IGA, Chief and other independent supermarkets.

Won the Hospitality and Outstanding President Award
Betty Timko Restaurant Award

In 1982, Betty received the "Hospitality and Outstanding Past President Award for Dedicated Service" through the Northwest Ohio Restaurant Association. Betty was President in 1976 and was a member of the Board for 14 years of the Northwestern Ohio Restaurant Association.

Opened Third Location of Timko’s Soup and Such
Timko's Soup n Such

Opened Timko’s Soup and Such third location within Holiday Inn of Monroe, Michigan under Betty's guidance.

Introduced 4 More Dressings
Betty Timko's Soup n Such Salad Buffet

Betty introduced four new dressing selections into the market.

Second Generation of Timko’s

The second generation of Timko’s: Betty’s son Tim Timko and his wife Chris, take over ownership in 1995 and carry on the family business for over twenty years.

Third Generation of Timko’s
Third Generation of Timko’s

The third generation of Timko’s: Betty’s grandsons Tim Timko and Ron Timko along with their wives Angie and Hollie become owners in 2017.